Design, Bid, and Done...

Whatever the application, whatever the goal, or even if you just need help determining what you actually want in your athletic floor, we are here to listen, advise, and execute. You deserve an athletic floor you can be proud of and an athletic flooring company who will get it done.

Keep Your Head In The Game, Choose All Court Floors

  • Floor Refinishing - we will make it look new again.
  • Sanding to Bare Wood
  • New Gymnasium Floor Installation
  • Demo & Removal of Old Floors
  • Graphic Design - new logos, refresh an old logo, wall design, or even high end corporate branding we have Graphic Designers on staff who can flush out the details and layout a design that captures your message.
  • Game line layouts - We know you need to keep everyone happy so we will prepare detailed designs that you can review and edit. Once approved, we will flawlessly execute on the actually painting as part of your athletic floor renovation. Check out our Interactive Game Line Designer to get some ideas.
  • Bid Specifications - you are on a budget and your institution requires multiple bids before you can hire us, we understand. Because we are so confident in our athletic flooring abilities and our competitive pricing we will write the bid for you. YES...we said we would do it for you. We will do the free consulting, write the bid and specification on your behalf, and you can shop our bid to the competition. HOW can we do this? We are very great at what we do and know that our prices and expertise cannot be matched.
  • Resurfacing
  • Repairs - water damage, buckling, coupling, adhesion issues, etc... we have seen it all so our expert athletic flooring specialist can consult with you to determine a solution to get it repaired.
  • Transitions & Base Molding - details matter in our world that is why we offer a wide selection of transition pieces and molding to make the floor consistent with your goals. (We even have products to keep the dirt out of the gym).
  • Synthetic Floor Installation & Maintenance